Graduate School Life Science Munich

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Department and the LMU

biocenterteich1_webThe Graduate School Life Science Munich is part of the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy of the Ludwig-Maximilans-University of Munich. These excellent faculties are ranked among the top biology and biochemistry educational institutions in Germany. Together with the LMU Gene Center and the Klinikum der Universtität München (KUM), they belong to the HighTechCampusLMU in Grosshadern-Martinsried that is well-known for international state-of-the-art research in life sciences. The participating research groups often collaborate with the adjacent Max-Planck Institutes for Biochemistry and Neurobiology and with the German Research Center for Environmental Health (Helmholtz Zentrum München).

LMU-BrunnenThe Italian-inspired buildings of the prestigious Ludwig-Maximilians-University are situated in the centre of Munich close to the English Garden, Europes first large city park. The university is among the oldest and largest in Germany. It was founded in 1472 in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt under Duke Ludwig the Rich, and after a stopover in Landshut, finally settled down in Munich in 1826. Since then, it attracted numerous reputable scholars. Among them were the X-ray inventor Wilhelm Roentgen, the chemist and father of modern agriculture Justus von Liebig, and the sociologist Max Weber. Since its conception, the university has bred 13 Nobel Prize winners. Today, with its 48,000 students, 15% of whom are international students, the Ludwig-Maximilians-University offers a vibrant student life. Its more than 700 professors and 3,000 assistant professors shape a unique landscape of research and teaching.

LudwigskircheAgain in 2012 the Ludwig-Maximilians-University holds a top position in the World Reputation Ranking of the Times Higher Education Magazine, where die LMU appears on place 42. Accordingly the LMU is among the most renowned universities in Europe. The World Reputation Ranking evaluates the reputation of an university in teaching and research by consulting renowned scientists all over the world.