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Doctoral studies and matriculation

Upon the completion of the doctoral studies, those doctoral candidates that were matriculated (for 6 full semesters) in the LSM study programme, an institution of the Faculty of Biology will be awarded 180 ECTS points. For doctoral students, whose supervisors are from the of Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, and therefore are graduating from outside of the Faculty of Biology, will be awarded 30 ECTS points on their certificate of participation. There are a few exceptions to the above rule, e.g. you started with a 4-year BSc or were awarded GSSP scholarship.

Doctoral studies are not limited to a defined period of time. However, doctoral candidates need to be matriculated for a full 6 semesters at the LSM to be eligible for the 180 ECTS points upon graduation. If you do not complete your degree within these 6 semesters, this is not a problem as matriculation has no effect on the doctoral degree completion.

For more information about matriculating at the LSM, please check the graphic below.


 matriculation graphic image-1



Useful documents for matriculation:

Confirmation-1 (pdf) -form to be filled in before going to the Dean's office!

Link to the EN-version of how to apply at the Dean's office for your right to perform a doctoral degree:

Information from start to end of doctoral thesis (pdf) 

Externe Promotion Anmeldung/ Declaration for a dissertation persued not within the faculty of Biology (pdf)

Matriculation guidelines for doctoral students (pdf)

Useful documents for doctoral studies:

Antrag zur Abgabe der Dissertation/ Application for dissertation submission (pdf)

Doktorvater Brief Abgabe/ Supervisor's agreement with his examination board suggestion (doc)

Eidesstattliche Erklärung (pdf)

Cumulative thesis, information (pdf)

Useful links for the International Office:

Homepage for the International Office

How to find the International Office

International Student Guide

Information and Services for international doctoral students

General information for international applicants (only in German)