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Graduate School Life Science Munich (LSM)

About LSM

The Graduate School Life Science Munich (LSM) offers an international doctoral programme to highly motivated and academically qualified next generation researchers at one of Europe’s top Universities. Interested in learning more? Click here!

LSM Prizewinners!

Congratulations to our recent prizewinners. Priya Pimprikar won our Publication Prize at Open House day for her paper,  "A CCaMK-CYCLOPS-DELLA Complex Activates Transcription of RAM1 to Regulate Arbuscule Branching".

Congratulations Priya!  To apply for next years prize, see details here!

LSM Joins Twitter

Want to stay updated with news and opportunities from the LSM? Follow us on Twitter at @lifescimunich !

LSM Student Newsletters

Our student council assembles a student newsletter biannually. You can find the most recent and previous editions of the LSM Newsletter here!

Poster 2017 - Small for WebsiteOpen positions!

Please follow the link to open positions, these will be added as and when avalailable! Link!

For information on how to apply to the LSM! -please note, that these website pages are undergoing modification and will be made available as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in our graduate school!









RespResearch-SavetheDateResponsible Research 2017, see the film now!

Sponsured by the Life Science Campus Network!

Thanks to all who participated in the Responsible Research event on 20th July 2017. We enjoyed many enlightening talks about reproducibility, plagiarism, and more. Interested in learning about responsible research practices? Read more here!