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LSM Lecture Series WS 2011/2012

Time: on Thursdays 8.30 a.m.
Place: Room B01.027

October 20th Prof. Dr. Jürgen Soll: Endosymbiosis and its consequences
October 27th Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel: Protein engineering, processing and applications: spider silk as a role model
November 3rd Prof. Dr. Dario Neri: Vascular Tumor Targeting: from the bench to the clinic
November 10th Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar: Barcoding Fauna Bavarica - a Molecular Library of Life
November 17th Michael Taborsky: Ultimate and Proximate Mechanisms of Cooperation in Animals (abstract to download)
November 24th Prof. Dr. Michael Boshart: Retooling conserved signaling proteins for parasitic life cycle control
December 1st no lecture
December 8th Dr. Gabriel Schaaf: Lipid homeostasis in secretory membranes
December 15th no lecture
January 12th Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen: Biogenesis of Thylakoid Membranes
January 19th Prof. Dr. Martin Biel: Gene therapy to restore vision
January 26th Prof. Dr. Ute Vothknecht: Calcium Regulation in Plant Organelles
February 2nd Dr. Stephan Gruber: Untangling Bacterial Chromosomes: Molecular Machines that transport DNA
SS 2012

May 10th*

Prof. Dr. Charles Godfray: Ecological and co-evolutionary interactions between insects and their endosymbionts

*This lecture will take place at 5 p.m.!

Please note that attendance is compulsory for LSM-students for the first four semesters of their PhD (they are allowed to miss two talks per semester). If they miss more than two talks they have to make up for them in the 5th and 6th semester of their PhD study (e. g.: if someone has missed five talks he/she has to make up for 5-2=3 talks)


Previous Lecture Series

SS 2011

May 5th Dr. Thomas Ott: Regulation of signal perception and transduction during plant-microbe interactions
May 12th Dr. Daniel Hilger: Measurements in the nanoworld
May 19th Prof. Rainer Haas: New insights in the structure and function of the Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin and the cag-type IV secretion system
May 26th Prof. Colleen Farmer: Loopy lungs in American alligators
June 9th Dr. Iris Finkemeier: Reactive oxygen species: detoxification and signalling in plants
June 16th Prof. Kay Gottschalk: Integrin-mediated Cell Adhesion
June 30th Dr. Anne Classen: Dissecting human diseases in Drosophila
July 7th Dr. Katja Sträßer: Gene Expression: From Transcription to Translation
July 14th Prof. Bart Kempenaers: The behavioural ecology of sex
July 21st 3 pm: LSM meets Industry, afterwards LSM Summer Party
July 28th Prof. Kirsten Jung: Communication in bacteria

WS 2010/2011

October 21st Prof. Susanne Renner:The evolution of sex chromosomes in land plants
October 28th  
November 4th Dr. Bettina Boelter: Overcoming barriers - protein translocation into chloroplasts
November 11th Prof. Heinrich Leonhardt: Role and Regulation of DNA methylation in development and disease
November 18th Prof. Thomas Carell: Chemical reactivity of DNA and RNA nucleotides
November 25th Dr. Sabine Schneider:Where are structures coming from and what we can learn from them - a short introduction to protein X-ray crystallography
December 9th Prof. Martin Parniske: Plant Genetics of Symbiosis
December 16th Prof. Thorsten Mascher: Bacterial Signal Transduction: From Antibiotic Stress Response to Systems Biology
January 13th Prof. Dirk Trauner: Teaching Old Receptors New Tricks
January 20th Prof. Heinrich Jung: Solute transport across membranes: physiological significance and molecular mechanisms
January 27th Dr. Arthur Schüssler: Arbuscular mycorrhiza – a plant-fungus symbiosis driving plant nutrition and terrestrial ecosystems
February 3rd Prof. Barbara Conradt: Control of apoptosis during animal development

SS 2010

April 28th Prof. Angelika Boettger: Stem cell differentiation and patterning in Hydra: The importance of the Notch-signalling pathway
May 5th Prof. Thomas Lahaye:Transcription-Activator Like proteins from Xanthomonas: A new alternative to designer zinc-fingers?
May 19th Prof. Wolfgang Stephan: Genetics and Evolution
May 26th Prof. Peter Geigenberger: Why study plant metabolism?
June 9th Prof. John Parsch: The evolution of sex-biased genes and sex-biased gene expression
June 16th Prof. Dirk Metzler: Computational Statistics in Evolutionary Genetics
June 23th Prof. Guenther Heubl: Molecular phylogeny, character evolution and origin of carnivorous plant families
June 30th Prof. Patrick Cramer: Global mechanisms of gene transcription and regulation
July 7th Prof. Gisela Grupe: Fishing with the Vikings: Palaeoenvironment and food webs at Haithabu reconstructed by stable isotopes of light elements in archaeological vertebrate remains
July 14th Prof. Ulf Dieckmann: From Individuals to Ecosystems and Back: Current Frontiers in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
July 28th Dr. Shoji Ohuchi: Evolution of RNA factors which function via structure ~ From the origin of Life to the future

WS 09/10

November 4th Prof. Juergen Soll: Chloroplasts
November 25th Prof. Joerg Nickelsen: Molecular mechanisms of thylakoid membrane biogenesis
December 2nd Prof. Matthias Starck: Functioning of the sauropsid heart
December 9th Prof. Susanne Foitzik: Slave rebellion - The evolution of a novel resistance trait
December 16th Prof. Angelika Vollmar: Natural compounds, chemical tools and therapeutical leads in novel anticancer strategies
January 13th Prof. Ute Vothknecht: Structural and regulatory components of organellar biogenesis
January 20th Prof. Gerhard Haszprunar: Evolution or Genesis? Why Intelligent Design fails but a synthesis appears possible.
January 27th Prof. Michael Boshart: Trypanosoma - parasitic pathogen and exotic model organism for molecular genetics
February 3rd Prof. Martin Biel: From genes to function: the superfamily of voltage-gated cation channels
February 10th Prof. Dirk Schueler: Microbial magnetosomes: The making of a prokaryotic organelle