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Prof. Dr. Martin Biel (Pharmacology, Genetics, Molecular Biology)

Prof. Dr. Martin Biel

Our group is interested in understanding the function and (patho)physiological significance of ion channels in brain and cardiovascular system. We analyze ion channels on different levels of complexity ranging from single molecule analysis to systemic studies in mouse models. Furthermore we seek to define the potential of these proteins as future drug targets. Our major focus is on the family of cyclic nucleotide-regulated ion channels. Some members of this family are required for sensory processes (vision and olfaction) while others regulate the heart beat as well as network activity in brain (“pacemaker channels”). Defects in these channels are linked to a variety of diseases ranging from blindness to cardiac arrhythmia and epilepsy. Another recent focus of our group is on a novel ion channel class (two-pore channels) that mediates Ca2+ release from intracellular organelles. To study ion channels we use a broad spectrum of methods including electrophysiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and viral gene transfer. Our particular emphasis is on genetic mouse models which we generate and analyze in our in-house facility.