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Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell (Biochemistry, Nucleotide Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell

Research in the Carell group is centered around nucleic acids. The group studies DNA repair and RNA modification chemistry. DNA repair is needed to remove in all cells DNA lesions from the genome. In order to learn about these processes the Carell group uses chemical synthesis to prepare DNA lesion, which are incorporated into Oligonucleotides. These are used for example for co-crystallization studies. RNA in contrast to DNA possesses next to the four canonical bases a large number of modified nucleobases, which often have unknown functions. The Carell group synthesizes these modified RNA bases and inserts them into RNA strands to learn about their functions. The Carell group develops new synthetic techniques for oligonucleotide delivery into cells and in order to enable more efficient chemical DNA and RNA derivatization.