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Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt (Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Biochemistry)

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt

Role and Regulation of DNA Methylation in Development and Disease

We study the role and regulation of DNA methyltransferases (Dnmts) and their interacting factors with a broad spectrum of methods including genetic, biochemical, cellular and biophysical approaches in vitro and in vivo, in embryonic stem cells and transgenic animals. Our long-term goal is to better understand epigenetic regulation and to apply epigenetic (re-) programming to cellular differentiation, tissue regeneration and cancer therapy.

Technology Development for Live Cell Imaging and Functional Studies

Over the last years we have developed a number of tools for live cell imaging including markers to follow cell cycle progression and a method to measure DNA methyltransferase activity in single living cells. Recently, we have developed fluorescent nanobodies (chromobodies) that allow targeting and tracing antigens in living cells. We are also developing and using new methods for high throughput imaging and for super-resolution microscopy (nanoscopy).