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 Collage 2

Some pictures from Christina Nagler's Sognefjordcruise with the Institute for Marine Biology at the University of Bergen in Norway. Further details about the cruise and the images above can be found here.

Group pic for online-resized

Visit to the botanical gardens 2016 (from left to right: Yu-Kai, Sybille, Oscar our guide, Florian, Francisca, Peter, Sandra, Wassilina, Renuka, Nadine, Andrea)

Retreat 2016

Retreat group 2016

cooking class  prize  prize2

Retreat 2016 (Cooking class, Prize winners)

Retreat 2015

Retreat group 2015

retreat 2014

Retreat group 2014

retreat 2013

Retreat group 2013

retreat 2012

Retreat group 2012

retreat 2011

Retreat group 2011