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Open House Day will take place on the 13th of July 2017 at the Biocenter followed by the facutly Party!

The LSM Publication Prize will be announced on this day!

Should you have participated in the prize draw, please note that you will be expected to be present to receive the prize!LSM Publication Prize:

The best annual publication will take home € 400 in cash.

Criteria for acceptance to take part in the second annual LSM publication prize:

  • publications must have been accepted for publication in 2016;
  • you must be or have been a LSM doctoral candidate, when you submitted the paper for publication;
  • you must have a summary explaining why your publications is important and special within your field of biosciences, together with the publication;
  • deadline for submissions is the 14th of April 2017;
  • submission of these must be made in PDF format to the LSM office;
  • the LSM board members will be responsible for the final decisions.

Responsible research event takes place on the 20th of July 2017:


  • Time: 13:00pm - 19:00pm
  • Location: LMU BioCenter and BioMedCenter, Martinsried
  • Host: The Life Science Munich Graduate Programme Network

Confirmed Speakers:

Joachim Heberle | FU Berlin | DFG Ombudsgremium
Marcus Munafò | School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol
Debora Weber-Wulff | HTW Berlin, Media and Computing | VroniPlag Wiki

The Symposium will include Breakout Sessions covering topics such as reproducible research, challenges in current statistical practices across disciplines, plagiarism, publication practices and ombuds-system with contributions from Ansgar Ohly, Eckhart Thein, Thomas Brill, Felix Schönbrodt, Tobias Straub, Marcus Munafò, Jan Brocher and others.

The Symposium is open to all Graduate students. Participation requires registration but there are no fees!
- Registration details will be provided in due time.

GMP course at the Biocenter!

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