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LSM Student Newsletters

Our student council assembles a student newsletter. You can find the most recent and previous editions of the LSM Newsletter here!

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LSM Prizewinners!

Congratulations to our recent prizewinner! LSM alumnus Mauricio Toro-Nahuelpan won our Publication Prize 2020 at the virtual Open House day for his paper: "MamY is a membrane-bound protein that aligns magnetosomes and the motility axis of helical magnetotactic bacteria. Nat. Microbiol. 4(11) doi: 10.1038/s41564-019-0512-8".

Congratulations Mauricio!  To apply for next years prize, see details here!

LSM Joins Twitter

Want to stay updated with news and opportunities from the LSM? Follow us on Twitter at @lifescimunich !

LSM Student Newsletters

Our student council assembles a student newsletter. You can find the most recent and previous editions of the LSM Newsletter here!

Happy reading!

Contact Form

The LSM application portal for doctoral positions is now CLOSED until the 1st of September!

LSM Poster 2020

The online portal for accepting applications will be open from the 1st of October until the 30th of November 2022 !

Further information and details about the online application can be found here

Additionally, the DAAD and LSM jointly award 2 full scholarships for doctoral study financed by the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP). Further information and details about the online application process can be found here

Online symposium: Responsible Research 2021 (25-26.03.2021)



LSM faculty member and ERC awardee Silke Robatzek reports about her research here

robatzek_260_webTackling the olive-tree killer
LMU cell biologist and geneticist Silke Robatzek studies how plants become immune to bacterial infections – and how pathogens subvert these defenses. More

Dr. Robatzek is recruiting talented scientists, more about the open positions!

LSM faculty member Noémie Becker at the Soapbox Science 2020

soapbox-teaserJoin the speakers in this years' online event on the 27th and 28th of June and find out more about artificial mini-organs, drug design and space telescopes!

More on Twitter: @munichsoapbox
More on Facebook:

Open Day at the Biocenter/LSM Publication Prize

biologie ganz nahThe LSM publication prize 2020 will be announced at the biocenter open day taking place as a life streamed event on the 8th of July. More info


Online GMP Courses

GMP Poster Mü DE 2019


The GMP workshop in English will be offered online 24.-27. August 2020

The GMP workshop in German will be offered online 28. September-02. October 2020

Sustainable World: Global Challenges for Life Scientists


This was a collaborative event organized by the Life Science Network Munich, the life science graduate programs in the greater Munich area, affiliated with the LMU, TUM, Helmholtz Zentrum and the MPIs. Our network hosts events on superordinate topics broadly relevant for life scientists, such as good scientific practice (Responsible Research 2014/2017) and emerging technologies (Cutting-Edge Technologies 2015).

For 2019, we addressed the topic of sustainability, with support from the Forum für Verantwortung.
Thanks to all of the speakers who presented expert talks on their topics related to sustainability, world health issues, environment and climate change, you gave our audience many interesting and constructive information towards achieving sustainability and Global Goals.

In view of the event topic, Sustainable World, the program was only available online!


RespResearch-SavetheDateResponsible Research 2017, see the film now!

Sponsured by the Life Science Campus Network!

Thanks to all who participated in the Responsible Research event on 20th July 2017. We enjoyed many enlightening talks about reproducibility, plagiarism, and more. Interested in learning about responsible research practices? Read more here!