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  • Normally, foreign citizens can only enter Germany with a valid visa. However, the visa requirements can vary depending on nationality, as well as purpose and intended duration of stay. Make sure to check the table of countries whose citizens require/do not require visas to enter Germany.
  • Students are personally responsible for contacting the Germany embassy in their home country and leaving enough time for the visa application process. We strongly advise you to contact your local embassy as soon as possible to enquire about Visa procedures and timing. In some cases, it can take up to 2 months or longer just to get an appointment at the embassy. This varies greatly, so please check with your local German embassy right away.
  • The LSM Graduate School is not responsible for your visa application process. We are nevertheless happy to help in providing documents necessary to apply for a visa if you are accepted to the LSM Graduate School.
  • It is worth noting that it is advisable to make initial Visa arrangements ahead of time (gather information and required documentation, set an appointment for an interview, etc.)