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Letter of Recommendation for DAAD-LSM-application

Requirements for the DAAD-LSM-application 2020/21

For your DAAD-LSM-application, two letters of recommendation are mandatory. One of the letters has to be provided by your Master degree supervisor.

Please inform your referees as soon as possible to get their affirmation to write a recommendation on your behalf. In the online application form you have to fill in the tabs for referee contacts and follow further instructions. Once authorized by you, the coordination office will invite the referee to submit his/her letter of recommendation electronically. As soon as a letter of recommendation on your behalf has been submitted, we will send a confirmatory e-mail to your referee and also to you. The submission of a reference on your behalf is also indicated in the status box of your application form.

Please be aware that your application can only be processed after we have received the 2 letters of recommendation. The deadline for submission of recommendation letters is December 2nd 2020, 12:00 CET. All applications which lack these letters after that deadline has expired will be considered incomplete and will therefore not be processed any further. It is entirely your responsibility to make sure that the referees submit the letters of recommendation to the application portal on time. On our part, recommendations will be held in strict confidence.