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Requirements doctoral programme (DAAD-LSM)

If you intend to apply for the doctoral programme at the LSM please take note of the following requirements:

Entry level for doctoral students: Applicants to the doctoral programme are required to hold the equivalent to a German university Diploma or Master's degree in biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, biotechnology, medicine or in a related discipline. This requires a written thesis, written or oral final examinations and at least two years of advanced course work. It is not necessary to hold the respective degree at the point of application. However, the degree will have to be awarded before the interview days in February/March. A final decision regarding eligibility can only be made after submission of a complete application and requires the approval of university officials.

Language skills: All courses, lectures and seminars at the LSM are held in English. Thus, selected candidates have to be fluent in written and spoken English and have to document their proficiency in English. Therefore, a "Test of English as a Foreign Language" (TOEFL) or a test by the "International English Language Testing System" (IELTS) is strongly advised. You do not need one of these tests if:

  • you are a native English speaker or
  • your entire education has been in English or
  • you have studied at least six months at an English-speaking school or university or
  • you can prove your proficiency in another way.

topPlease note: These documents (tests) are strongly recommended, but not compulsory. They will increase your chances of being positively selected, but they are not a criterion for exclusion.

All degrees of applicants from foreign countries will have to be approved by the admissions and registration office of the Ludwig Maximilian University München, should you be accepted into the LSM programme. Doctoral students without a German "Abitur" (high-school graduation) or a German university degree are therefore strongly advised to include a GRE subject test in either biochemistry, biology, chemistry or physics during their application. If you come from a non-EU country, a GRE subject test is recommended but not a requirement, it will strongly support any application. For details please see Applicants from India are welcome to submit GATE subject tests.

Recommendation letters: For your application, two letters of recommendation are mandatory. One of the letters has to be provided by your Master degree supervisor. The letters of recommendation are submitted electronically by the referees. Further instructions are given in the online application system. Please be aware that your application can only be processed after we have received both letters of recommendation. All applications which lack these letters after the deadline for submission of the recommendation letters has expired will be considered incomplete and will therefore not be processed any further. It is your responsibility to make sure that the referees submit the letters of recommendation to the online application tool on time.

Application form
After registration to the LSM online application system, eight different tabs allow you to enter all required information and to upload corresponding documents. For the DAAD-LSM application you must select in tab 1: "External candidate". Later on in tab "Doctoral Projects", you will be able to choose your project of choice. Prior to submission your personal application form can be revisited and modified at any time. Make sure that your application is complete before you submit by clicking the "Save and Submit" button at the buttom of the page. After submission you will no longer be able to edit the entries (except name, password and email). However, you will be able to view your submitted data throughout the application process, in "My progress".
The submission of an applications is only possible, if all required fields (marked with a yellow triangle) are filled out. Non required fields are optional but it is recommended to fill out all those fields which support your personal application. The more information you provide the better we will be able to assess your application.
Once you have submitted your application, the LSM coordination office will check whether your application is complete (i.e. check whether you have uploaded all required documents).  The status of your application is summarized in the "My progress" form. top

Documents for the DAAD-LSM-application to LSM doctoral programme:

Required documents are:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcript of records (record of study) and degree certificate of bachelor degree, Vordiplom or equivalent degree, respectively copies of translated documents*
  • Transcript of records (record of study) and degree certificate of master degree, Diplom or equivalent degree (if applicable), respectively copies of translated documents*. If your degree programme is not yet completed, please provide temporary transcripts.
  • Two letters of recommendation (more details see above)

* Certified copies of the following documents must be submitted to DAAD portal only after a letter of award has been received (after the interview: Feb/March 2021)

  1. a copy of the school leaving certificate qualifying you for admission to higher education in your own country
  2. copies of certificates of annual examinations taken at the home university
  3. copies of certificates of any academic degrees or advanced qualifications showing grades and explaining the home grades´system
  4. (For French speaking countries: Licence or Maitrise with Assez-Bien along with a DEA/DESS degree or a Master´s degree according to the LMD system)

Recommended documents are:

  • certificate of proficiency in English (recommended if not native English speaker or education was not in English)
  • High school degree transcripts or equivalent
  • scholarships, prizes and awards (if applicable)
  • portrait picture
  • A GRE subject test in either biochemistry, biology, chemistry or physics.  A GRE subject test is recommended if you come from a non-EU country as it will strongly support any application (for applicants from India we also accept GATE) top

Selection process:

1) Applications will be independently reviewed by several faculty members of the Graduate School. Based on academic qualification, research experience, motivation, scientific background and the letters of recommendation, candidates will be selected for a nomination to the final decision process of the DAAD.

2) Selected candidates from the interview days (Feb/March 2021) will have to submit another complete application form with all supporting documents via the DAAD portal (for further information please click here). The final selection decision is made by a DAAD selection committee composed of university professors.

Successful applicants will be offered a full doctoral scholarship, financed by the GSSP programme of the DAAD. The monthly grant will be 1200 EUR plus travel support, insurances, study and research allowances and if necessary rent or family allowances. 

What we expect of our future LSM students:

  • strong scientific motivation
  • serious interest in the activities of the doctoral programme

If you have any doubts whether you fulfill the requirements specified above, please feel free to contact us.