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LSM Travel Fund

LSM-students can apply for funding of e. g. conference participation or learning methods in foreign labs. A detailed email must be sent to the LSM office explaining, where, how much, when and why (early bird deadline) you need the support. You will need to wait for a reply, (dis)approval before proceeding!

Deadlines for applying for funding:

  • 31st of March 2019 (first yearly deadline by which you should have asked the for LSM funding!) We cannot guarantee that all students be funded. Funding will be given on a first come first serve basis and it is under the discretion of the LSM coordinator and board who receives it!
  • Should there be enough funding, a second deadline will be made available!

For reimbursement the following things are needed (for scholarship students or Chemistry & Pharmacology (CuP) students, only the last 4 points are necessary!):

  • Copy of LMU travel permit "Antrag auf Genehmigung"(only for LMU employees at the Faculty of Biology) that was filled in before your travel takes place, this is for insurance purposes! Forms can be found through the following web portal, once you have your employee login details, you will find the form with #F70a and #F71a (now available in English). CuP students-you most likely have to fill in this form at your home faculty!
  • Confirmation of participation Poster or Talk presented (at a conference), certificate for methods course or letter from visiting lab supervisor.
  • Tickets train/flight (original ones or electronic tickets and proof of payment in the form of receipt and bank statement)
  • Original receipts and proof of payment (e. g. registration fee, accommodation)
  • Bank details

IMPORTANT for all LMU employees from the Faculty of Biology:

Reimbursement of travel expenses are ONLY possible by filling in the LMU form "Antrag auf Reisekostenerstattung/Approval of a business trip-now available in English!! See web portal for downloads of forms!

You have to fill in one form for each account/budget the costs will be reimbursed from. For exemple, if you receive travel expenses from LSM and accommodation/conference fees are paid for by your research group, you have to fill in two seperate forms. One for the LSM (travel expenses) and one for your research group (accommodation/conference fees).

Each form should include all expenses, independantly on which funding or grant they will be paid from. You must specify which costs are paid by which budget (your research group, LSM, etc.) and each form must be signed.

The LSM will require the filled in form together with all receipts and the copy of your LMU travel permit to reimburse the approved costs. The other form must be handed in to the administration of your research group. The settlement is checked by the LMU accounting center. When approved the expenses are reimbursed from the appropriate budgets, accordingly. Please be aware that this procedure can take some time, and it is not possible to accelerate it.


Please send in requests to Students will be informed about LSM decision within a few days.