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Prof. Dr. David Keays (Developmental Neurobiology)

Prof. Dr. David Keays

Developmental Neurobiology

The goal of the Keays lab is to answer important questions in sensory and developmental neuroscience. We do this by relying on creative experimental design, that is complemented by a reductionist mindset that pays unrelenting attention to detail.

We are focused on three scientific questions:

1) How do animals detect magnetic fields?

2) How do animals detect electric fields?

3) How do mutations in microtubule associated proteins cause neurodevelopmental disease?

In tackling these questions we adopt a inter-disciplinary approach, employing a broad range of genetic, molecular, cellular, and behavioural tools. To study brain development the Keays lab is increasingly relying on iPSC models and cerebral organoids. We are particularly interested in the role different tubulin isoforms play in the development of the brain, and the functional repitore of the microtubule associated serine/threonine kinases (MASTs). 

Website: Keays Lab

Website: Research group at Neurobiology / LMU Munich