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Prof. Dr. Marcia Ferraz (Veterinary Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Marcia Ferraz

Biology of Reproduction

Research Group


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Sonnenstraße 16
85764 Oberschleißheim, Germany

Gene Center
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 25
81377 Munich, German

Phone: +49(0)89 2180-78683

Declining fertility in humans together with unknown causes of reproductive disease, effects of environmental stressors, and threats to survival of endangered species, all call for advancements in reproduction research. Therefore, our research has focused on combining the fields of veterinary science, biotechnology, and molecular biology to produce dynamic reproductive cells culture. By combining new technologies, such as bio-printing and organs-on-a-chip, we are creating reproductive models with both basic and translatable outcomes that span biomedical, agricultural and wildlife sciences.

Current research focus on bio-printing dynamic ovary-, oviduct- and endometrium-on-a-chip to understand the maternal-embryonic communication, to improve in vitro fertilization success and to promote gamete rescue of wild species. Our group is also working on identifying the impact of environmental toxicants, such as microplastics, on animal fertility.

In addition, our lab is the first at LMU and the second German University based laboratory to receive the My Green Lab certification, being at the forefront of a movement that is building a global culture of sustainability in science.