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Thomas Naegele

Prof. Dr. Thomas Nägele

Plant Sciences


Dynamics of plant-environment interactions

Plants have evolved regulatory strategies to cope with a changing environment. In a process termed acclimation many plants of the temperate region can reprogram their metabolism due to stress treatment which finally results in a new stable metabolic homeostasis and an increased level of stress tolerance. Typically, this acclimation process is a multigenic trait affecting hundreds and up to thousands of genes, transcripts, proteins and metabolites in different cellular compartments. Our research aims to identify central players of plant stress acclimation and stress tolerance. We are particularly interested in the development of a predictive mathematical model of subcellular plant metabolism which enables the analysis of plant performance under fluctuating environmental conditions. Our research approach combines the experimental quantification of metabolite concentrations, protein levels, enzyme kinetics, photosynthesis and respiration with mathematical modelling, network analysis and pattern recognition.
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