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Dr. Annabel Dischinger


Why did you decide to join the mentoring program/team?

“Community empowers every individual to rise above oneself and overcome boundaries”

When I started my studies, I would have loved to have someone at eye level for my worries and concerns. In recent years I have repeatedly dealt with mentoring.
Especially during my doctoral thesis, I exchanged ideas with many doctoral students from a wide range of disciplines. I often hear the same stories and problems. Great pressure to work, problems in collaborating with the respective supervisors, conflicts within the team, fear of failure and frustration are just some of the aspects I have encountered. Often the problems and doubts become so great that many of us think about quitting the PhD. But most of the time an open conversation helps to change one's perspective, regain focus and realize that one is not alone.

Whether in your studies, during your PhD or later in your career - with a mentor at your side, you always not only get further than you think, you also reach your goals faster. I was and still am lucky enough to benefit from various mentors and would like to pass this on.


What else would you like to contribute or bring to the program?

"Teamwork and open communication are essential for long-term success."

Through the networking of many PhD students and the open exchange about problems and obstacles, I hope that in the future gaining a PhD will no longer be seen as a result of perseverance and persistance. Frustration should be replaced by empowerment and motivation of every single one of us. It would be great to see mental health and wellbeing becoming hot topics in academia.