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Dr. Mauricio Toro-Nahuelpan


Why did you decide to join the mentoring program/team?

“PhD chat related to mindfulness and mental health should no longer be a taboo”

I guess most people know that making a PhD is not easy, not only at the technical but also at the personal level. Being self-ware of how you feel, and dealing with it, it is very important. As doctoral researchers, we tend to self-impose excessive pressure in order to perform, to be outstanding, to ultimately publish our discoveries. Extreme load work to achieve this goal together with the frustration from failed experiments can eventually have a negative influence in our well-being.

I think it is important to share this out loud, that most PhD students can feel or have felt till certain extend this way during their research. I can tell you that this extends beyond the doctoral research, and it will not change during a postdoc. We are extremely dedicated people that live for our projects, and what that involves, the failures and victories.

I decided to join the mentoring program, to contribute with my experience and, hopefully, be able to positively influence other fellows. In addition, the place where I currently work, EMBL, is an organization that thrives in academic excellence while taking great care of the mental wellness of the researchers and staff. I believe that this should set an example to be taken over and transferred to other scientific institutions.

What else would you like to contribute or bring to the program?

“Career development is fundamental”

I also look very much forward to discussing career development options within industry and academia, to offer my gathered knowledge throughout my personal and professional voyage. I also hope that more LSM alumni get in touch to contribute with their feedback.