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CSC-LSM-Application for doctoral scholarship


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The China Scholarship Council (CSC), in cooperation with LMU, offers two scholarships to highly qualified Chinese candidates who wish to study at the LSM Graduate School. This scholarship will be awarded in 2024! Please visit the CSC LMU website for further information on the program.

LSM announces the call for CSC-LSM applications for full scholarships for doctoral students, which will be financed by the CSC LMU. The holders of the scholarships are selected in a multi-step process jointly conducted by the CSC and the LSM. The final decisions and the financial administration are made by the CSC.

The online application portal will open on September 1st 2023!

Application window will be open between September 1st and October 31st, 2023. 

As part of a special program of the Chinese government, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) annually awards overseas scholarships for doctoral students. LMU has maintained a privileged partnership with the CSC since 2005, which enables us to attract especially qualified Chinese postgraduates to LMU with a government scholarship from China.

The aim of the LMU-CSC program is to recruit the best trained postgraduates from China and, through them, to sustainably promote research collaborations, especially with partner institutions of the LMU-China Academic Network (LMU-ChAN).
To achieve this goal, the Faculty of Biology, in the form of the LSM Graduate School, assists in the selection and placement of qualified Chinese PhD students in close coordination with the Department of International Affairs and the activities and collaborators of LMU-ChAN.

The academic coordinator of the Faculty of Biology for the LMU-CSC program is Prof. Dr. Christof Osman.

Difference of the LMU-CSC program to individual applications to the CSC:

  • Professors provide PhD positions (so-called "open positions") and the LMU International Affairs Office organizes the application and communication of the offer
  • Chinese graduates apply centrally at the International Affairs Office and are only forwarded to potential supervisors after an initial formal review
  • After successful referral, the International Affairs Office centrally coordinates selection and application process for the CSC

Advantages of the LMU-CSC Program:

  • Applying through the LMU-CSC program increases the chance of receiving a CSC government grant
  • Offering a structured framework for graduate students:
  • Procurement of housing for the first year of study
  • Airport transfer upon arrival in Munich
  • Four-week orientation program including language course and intercultural training
  • Centrally organized poster sessions to present the respective research projects
  • Intercultural counseling for doctoral students and supervisors

Requirements and Selection Procedure

Every year, up to 40 candidates are selected from numerous applicants. The applications are strictly reviewed by a selection committee of CSC and LMU International Office. The most important requirements are:
  • Outstanding grades
  • Age limit: 35 years
  • Language skills: Excellent proficiency in English 

Mentoring and Supervision of CSC Scholars at LMU

The International Office of LMU has designed a broad spectrum of services for CSC scholars:
  • Organisational support like provision of housing and handling of all formalities
  • Four-week orientation course including German language course, intercultural training and excursions
  • Monitoring of study and research results through poster sessions supervised by the professors in charge and a member of the LMU executive board
  • Promotion and training of academic and presentation skills