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Publications of LSM Students

Congratulations to Anastasia Kitashova for winning the 2023 publication prize on the publication below! 

Kitashova, A., Adler, S.O., Richter, A.S., Eberlein, S., Dziubek, D., Klipp, E. & Nägele, T. "Limitation of sucrose biosynthesis shapes carbon partitioning during plant cold acclimation". Plant, Cell & Environment. 2022 Nov 03.

publication prize 22-23 by CB

Criteria for acceptance to take part in the annual LSM publication prize 2024:

  •  publications must have been accepted for publication in 2023;
  •  you must be or have been a LSM doctoral candidate, when you submitted the paper for publication;
  •  you must have a summary explaining why your publication is important and special within your field of biosciences, together with the publication;
  •  deadline: 31.05.2024
  •  submission of these must be made in PDF format to the LSM office;
  •  the LSM board members will be responsible for the final decisions.

Please note that the 2024 award will be announced at the Open house day event (Date: 3 July 2024)

Please for further information or if you have a publication to be added to the list.



  • Schumacher, K., Braun, D., Kleigrewe K., Jung, K.Motility-activating mutations upstream of flhDC reduce acid shock survival of Escherichia coli. Microbiology Spectrum April 2024


  • Penzler, J. F., Kleine, T., & Leister, D. COG1 - A master transcription factor regulating photosynthesis. Molecular plant Dec 2023
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  • Cheng AP, Lederer B*, Oberkofler L*, Huang L, Johnson NR, Platten F, Dunker F, Tisserant C, Weiberg A. A fungal RNA-dependent RNA polymerase is a novel player in plant infection and cross-kingdom RNA interference. PLOS Pathogens. 19(12): e1011885. (2023 Dec 20)
  • Genge, M. G., Chowdhury, S. R., Dohnálek, V., Yunoki, K., Hirashima, T., Endo, T., & Mokranjac, D. (2023). Two domains of Tim50 coordinate translocation of proteins across the two mitochondrial membranes. Life Science Alliance, 6(12)".
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  • Kitashova, A., Brodsky, V., Chaturvedi, P., Pierides, I., Ghatak, A., Weckwerth, W. & Nägele, T. "Quantifying the impact of dynamic plant-environment interactions on metabolic regulation". Journal of Plant Physiology. 2023 Oct 07.
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  • Valifard, M., Fernie, A.R., Kitashova, A., Nägele, T., Schröder, R., Meinert, M., Pommerrenig, B., Mehner-Breitfeld, D., Witte, C.P., Brüser, T., Keller, I. & Neuhaus, H.E. "The novel chloroplast glucose transporter pGlcT2 affects adaptation to extended light periods". Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2023 Apr 23.


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  • Zirngibl, M., Araguirang, G.E., Kitashova, A., Jahnke, K., Rolka, T., Kühn, C., Nägele, T. & Richter, A.S. "Triosephosphate export from chloroplasts and cellular sugar content regulate anthocyanin biosynthesis during high light acclimation". Plant Communications. 2022. Aug 11.
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